Elf Story - The Shop!

2012-12-05 18:08:27 by mexipino

Elf Story: A sneak peek at our hero Elfmin in the shop and the shopkeeper, Hobart.

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Elf Story - The Shop!


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2012-12-07 15:02:54

aaaw looking good :D


2012-12-10 22:37:11

So Cool, Everything is so detailed......That Mutant Spider, is really good drawed, i can't wait for this


2012-12-10 22:37:13

So Cool, Everything is so detailed......That Mutant Spider, is really good drawed, i can't wait for this


2013-01-25 09:57:57

Cool game


2013-01-26 20:56:40

The update you made plus the explanation, really bode well for this title.
Hope you make some bucks of this, the hard work really shows through.
The babe at the end better be worth the struggle!

mexipino responds:

Yeah, I guess you're never really done with development until you get feedback from actual players/users. I wanted to make sure the game was as polished as possible. Thanks a lot, and thank you for playing!

Hahaha, right??


2013-01-27 07:52:24

Hey pal! I already said, but it's a really good game! I liked the artstyle as well. :)
I had no problem playing through the game again and again for the medals, and after 8-10 playthroughs I can still play it without getting bored. Good job!
I do have a question though. I can't seem to find the bird and the poop (did 3 playtrhoughs just to find them), any hints? :)

mexipino responds:

Thanks DCool! Haha, that's awesome! ..Good to know that people are out there hunting for the medals, it's definitely what I wanted.

Ok, here goes:

- Dead Bird: When you first enter the crossroads where there are multiple paths, hit the tree.
- Bird Poo: After getting the bird, pause at the door of Hobart's for 30 sec.


2013-01-30 11:45:14

My hands hurt. And I hope my boss will never ever visit my NG account, but it was totally worth it. Your game send me on a serious medal hunt and I couldn't stop till I was finished ;)

Good thing I played a lot of the old Amiga games back in the days (especially "Contra"), I guess some of the NG-Users dislike the high level of difficulty of your game (that's what I read in many of those comments). I loved it! Hope there will be a part II. Great work, dude!

mexipino responds:

Thanks man!

Yeah, you can bet that there'll be a part 2! I'm taking all of the reviewer's comments into consideration and will tweak a TON of things in the upcoming sequel, including: Real movement/freedom, better attack notifications, etc.

Keep on the lookout for things from me!

Oh, and thank you so much for playing and enjoying my hard work!


2013-02-01 08:21:06

This game is epic! I beat it in one day though, kind of dissapointing how short it was. But its a really good game and i demand a sequel! Well...not demand, because that would be rude...meh...sequel...meh....whatever.

mexipino responds:

Thanks yo!!! Then, a sequel you shall have!


2013-02-17 03:36:46

Cool game, you must be happy that it's finally done

mexipino responds:

Thanks man. Yeah, I am... but I'm planning to release an "extended" version of the game as well as an official sequel, later this year. I can't seem to rest... gotta.... keep.... developing.... lol.


2013-02-20 19:19:35

this game is cool, but how do you kill yourself with the rock, i can't seem to figure it out?

mexipino responds:

Just click above your head after picking up the rock