Experiment 51 Part 2 Done!

2013-03-27 18:57:31 by mexipino

Hola to all fans of my stick dude games and such!

Bored.com has just launched Experiment 51 Part 2!

Check it out here:
Experiment 51 Part 2 - On Bored.com

The Experiment 51 series is a Flash game series of fun, easy-to-play, point-n-click games. Check it out if you guys have the time... or feel like it... or not, I don't care.... Ok, I kind of do.

Also, there are talks about SDKA5 coming soon....... Let's see where things go!

- Eric, ESP Animation

Experiment 51 Part 2 Done!


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2013-03-27 19:22:32

Hope this doesn't hurt your feelings, but that Half-Life turn off from the last one is an even bigger turn off in this game; nothing original about this game at all.


2013-03-27 19:42:57



2013-03-28 04:45:57

I guess if you had Part 1 on NG, and I could try it out, I might be persuaded to jog over to the other website to check it out.
Is NG's ad-rev system that cheap? Oh wait, yeah, it actually is :(


2013-03-28 09:46:41

Alright now please post it on Newgrounds XD.