SDKA5, on the horizon..

2016-08-04 16:47:08 by mexipino


...could it be?


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2016-08-05 06:46:18

Damn so you weren't really dead :O

mexipino responds:

Haha, just busy lately being an "adult" ....ugh...

Hard to get back into the groove.


2016-08-05 08:51:17

Stick arena 3d?

mexipino responds:

I was wanting to do that.... but my Blender skills just aren't at the point where I'd be satisfied with the outcome of a 3D version.

So... SDKA5 is the natural next-best thing.


2016-08-05 11:43:18

I was just thinking about how NG should have a Stick Day once a month. I feel like a lot of kids are intimidated to upload stick movies nowadays... One day a year would be too long to wait but one day a month would give the opportunity to everyone to upload their best work that month and compete against all the other stick movies for one day... Could even have monthly Best Stick trophy or something...

mexipino responds:

That would be badass! That definitely cultivate all sorts of competition and ultimately produce super-high-quality animations.

Can't believe it's been 8 years since I've touched this type of animation. The quality difference will be astounding once I release it, I'm sure.


2016-09-28 14:24:54

I remember watching SDKA ages ago, to come across this news post while rewatching them is quite a coincidence. I now have something new to look forward to!


2016-11-19 00:13:40

Could It really be...?
After all this time...?


2017-10-23 10:38:52

Not anymore